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Tutoring with Dawn

Let's create an actionable strategy to take your skills to the next level.

Private lessons to bust through any learning block.

Includes unlimited coaching via text message. 

27+ years of classroom experience packed into one place.

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Tutoring K-College

Transform from mostly unsure to completely confident about your academic skills.

Private lessons to bust through any learning block.

Weekly sessions customized for you.

Includes unlimited coaching via text message. 

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Our programs are for you if you've ever struggled with...

✨Understanding longer reading passages

✨Achieving passing scores on high stakes exams

✨Writing paragraphs, essays, & research papers

✨Disempowering beliefs related to learning 

✨A lack of executive functioning skills

✨A lack of skills for school success

✨A lack of a vibrant vocabulary

✨A lack of confidence in math ability


Virtual Classroom Library for Platinum Members Only

 This plan is for you if you want to LEARN (and therefore EARN) exactly what you need to live the life you deserve. This comprehensive library of lessons, videos, and documents also includes...

✨20 Power Sessions

✨Unlimited coaching via text messaging

The LIBRARY includes...

✨100 Most Used SAT/ACT vocabulary practice (built in Flash Cards, Quizzes, Matching games, Tests)

✨Composition study

✨Regular journal writing

✨Creative Writing Opportunities

 Dozens of English/Language Arts Reading and Writing skill sets ready to learn, play, and master. 

✨All of which you can reset, resubmit, retry, redo, and practice...

Until you understand!

At you own pace.  

On your own time. 

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Bust through any learning block!


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